I have recently taken on a greater teaching role alongside my therapeutic practice and am training individuals who wish to train as counsellors at University of East London PGDip Integrative Counselling and Coaching | University of East London (  I also train counsellors to teach counselling and psychotherapy to others, at Metanoia Institute PGCertHE (Teaching and Learning in Counselling and Psychotherapy) ( This work alongside my private practice with my clients and enables me to reflect on the many levels of counselling. These levels include individual client work on a one to one basis, through to developing novice practitioners to become competent and ethical counsellors, and finally training experienced counsellors to teach counselling to other novice individuals. This feels very complete work and like finishing the circle.

Sept 2022


During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic it can be a distressing and anxiety provoking time. This can often heighten our own anxieties and raise existential concerns about ourselves and our loved ones. Some people find it useful to use this time to address some of this anxiety through therapy and others prefer to focus on the day to day living that has changed for most people across the world. In order to manage some of these anxious thoughts it can be useful to practise some mindful techniques, some meditation or yoga and to allow ourselves time to appreciate the world we live in, as it can feel as if we are seeing it in a new light.

Try not to hold distressing emotions inside but do your best to share them with someone and not to feel alone in this world.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”, Maya Angelou


I have finally decided to join Instagram for my practice


I am optimistic about the sunshine now that March is here and the daffodils are flowering. however, I am aware that even with the lighness that we feel when Spring is around the corner many of us can feel weighed down by anxiety, depression or a sense of unease with the world which can be hard to shake off. It is at times like these that we may seek the support of counselling to get us through some of these difficult times.


I have returned from attending the BACP conference on Working with Millennials

There were some fascinating talks by among others Julia Samuel and I am looking forward to reading her new book ‘This Too Shall Pass’  and Sally Brown who regularly writes for and many others examining the place of millennials in time and their relationship with modern media and its constraints and benfits. I have learned a lot more about millennials and young adults which is an area that is of research interest to me and a practitioner interest.


I have been reading with interest today , the time limits being placed on excessive social media use on Facebook and Instagram. I am following this story as I believe it is important to understand the links between excessive social media usage and any negative impact on mental health.


I have just been reading an interesting post on the need for increased university counselling services in a London University. The number of students needing support has increased by over 80%  but the number of sessions on offer have only increased by 60%. There are other Universities around the country facing similar problems, which are particularly concerning given the perception of a competitive environment in Higher Education.


With the start of the new term upon us many people look to begin new hobbies or activities. Autumn is often a time of gathering whether that be fruit, knowledge or strategies to support us through the next phase. It is important at this time to attend to our well-being and to monitor our own mental health. Whilst gathering berries, signing up for new courses and considering other activities it may also be a good time for you to get on top of the issues that may have been troubling you for some time.


I have just been listening to the BBC Lonliness project and find that startlingly 40% of 16 to 24 year olds in the survey feel lonely. Lonliness is often not about knowing or being around people but is much more closely linked to feeling disconnected from the world. The pressures of modern life including the perceived sense of inadequacy and anxiety brought on by excessive use of social media, can exacerbate these feelings and lead to a sense of lonliness whilst being surrounded by people.


Having recently moved to Cambridge and setting up in private practice I have myself experienced a sense of confusion and discombobulation that comes with change and new experiences. i feel that this gives me a sense of some of the issues clients bring to me and enables me to relate to these issues for clients. I look forward to welcoming new clients to my practice and to working with a range of different issues with these clients.


I have recently begun to offer my counselling services in Central Cambridge and am practicing within Salus Wellness Clinic

This is an exciting new move for me and will involve working alongside other practitioners involved in wellness and well-being and offers me the opportunity to engage with new clients within central Cambridge This may be particularly relevant to the academic community with whom I have great deal of experience.